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our boat is made specialy for You, the fisherman who wants to reach places you cannot go to with a traditional boat. With it´s depth of only 70 cm ( aprox. 27 inches ) we can reach areas less than 35 inches depth.

Manaia do Maori means safety

Manaia is a guardian angel, a creature with a birds head, the body of a human being and the tail of a fish who protects us and takes care of us on land in the water and in the air.

The picture of a round head symbolizes a higher power that keeps an eye on our way each time on board the MANAIA when we act by heart  without thinking. The tail is a symbol of enduring power and the other elements of the creature are staying for adaptability ( teeth of a shark), family ( the turtel in it´s shell).                                           Liberty simbolized by gulls.